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Message of condolence by Qom seminary scholar's community following the death of Hujjat ul-Islam Sayyid Ghazi Niaz Naqavi       

Date: 09/Nov/2020

In the name of Allah the all compassionate the most merciful

Indeed we belong to Allah and to Him do we indeed return


It is with great sadness that we have received the news of the death of the righteous scholar, Hujjat ul-Islam, Sayyid Ghazi Niaz Naqavi.

He was one of the most active and influential scholars in the field of Islamic unity and made great efforts to promote the teachings of Islam in Pakistan. Attending the Pakistan Wifaq Al-Madaris Council, establishing Islamic seminaries, cooperating with the judiciary as the ruler of Shari 'a, have been part of the scientific, cultural and revolutionary services of this great scholar.

Qom seminary scholar's community express its condolences on the death of this great scholar to Pakistani scholars and his house, especially Hujjat ul-Islam Hajj Sayyid Hafez Riyad Naqvi and ask Allah the Almighty for the deceased, mercy and forgiveness and for the survivors, divine reward, patience and success of continuing his path.


Mohammad Yazdi

Chief of the great council of Qom seminary scholars' community


Friends of Old


Qazi Nurullah Shoshtari

همایش نکوداشت قاضی نورالله شوشتری

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